Place Details Finder

Microsoft Excel web add-in that gathers data from Google Place Details API.

Created Nov 2019.

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This add-in will enable you to use partial address data already in your spreadsheet to find place details, such as place name, address, phone number, website, latitude, and longitude.

Say you would like to find more details about these businesses. This add-in will query Google one row at a time for details about each place and will return the data from the first match.

 Partial address data
Partial address details
Full address data
Full address details


  - Search by single or multiple rows selected at once.
  - Export found address data as JSON.


This add-in does not require an account or for you to login directly. However, you will need a Google Account and valid credit card information in order to get your own Google Places API key. Visit Google Maps Platform to create an account.


The Places API uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Visit Places API Usage and Billing for more information. This add-in does not deal with your payment information in any way.

This add-in does not transfer or store your API key. The key is used only in the current session when you are using this add-in.

Privacy Information

This add-in never collects, stores, or transmits information that can be used to identify you.

Support and Help

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