Custom Drupal Module

This is a tool to grab info from Instagram API and allow you to organize posts. Click on one of the hashtags to see only posts with that tag in their caption.

  • Many sites have widgets that display the latest 20 photos from your instagram feed, but not all of your photos.
  • Instagram allows you to search by hashtag, but the results cannot be narrowed to posts from only one user.
  • Many artists have hundreds of photos of their art on Instagram, but there is no way to search through them aside from view all posts in chronological order on their Instagram page.
  • *Uploading every new photo to Instagram AND a website is cumbersome and unfun. The workflow needs to be simple and double-fun.*

Build a separate, searchable catalogue of all Instagram posts and have it automatically update when a new post is added to Instagram. All content edits are done on Instagram and what you see with the Instagram Catalogue is all automatically generated.

  1. Make a post on Instagram as usual.
  2. Add a hashtag in the caption that will be used to group similar posts.
    * For example, every photo of a tattoo of birds should have "#birds" at the end of the caption.
  3. Instagram Catalogue does the rest!

Instagram API does not allow a widget to display more than the latest 20 posts from a user's feed. A webcrawler that copies all info from a user's page is potentially illegal because Instagram holds copyright to that content. However, Instagram offers the ability to download all your own content from their service. This data is yours, you created it, its just nicely organized by Instagram when you download it all at once.

For building the database, you must download all of your personal content from Instagram and then use Instagram Catalogue to upload it to your website. This only needs to happen once. The Instagram Catalogue module will automatically organize and display this content.

For updates, Instagram API will provide the 20 latest posts. Instagram Catalogue will cross-reference these with posts that have already been saved. Your database will automatically grow with every new post you make to Instagram. The Instagram API requires a one-time setup for permissions to be granted. This can be cancelled at any time through the Instagram App the same way you would unlink your account from other networks.

For context of what this module does, compare the raw data from Instagram API with what you see below.

See artofmisskitty.com/gallery for a real example of how this could be used.