Nils Loewen is a multi-instrumentalist and baritone singer who brings shwanky jazz and original folk tunes to the masses. As a solo performer he will have you tapping your toes or closing your eyes compelled to surrender to the notes. His performance intertwines musicianship, melody,  and audience participation to create a unique experience. 

Nils quickly established himself as a key player in the music scene in Kelowna and performs in multiple ensembles including (but not limited to) Swamp Honey (Trio) Mountain Sound (Trio) and  Fiddle Big Fiddle (Duo) and recently with The Meliponas. He has mastered the skill and intuition to listen and enhance the performances of those with whom he shares the stage. 

Whether performing as a solo artist, part of ensemble or volunteering time and energy to community collaborations he brings the same soulful spirit. 

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